Surface Master

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

Residential and commercial high pressure epoxy floor cleaning services in palm beach for driveways, walkways, patios, pool surrounds, fences, and other hard surfaces.

Introducing Surface Master: The cost-effective solution for cleaning! Specializing in vertical surface cleaning with options for high-pressure or gentle washing. Capable of cleaning a range of surfaces and equipped with water recovery. Our team of professionals can tackle even the largest jobs with ease using our scissor lift and cherry picker for high-reach cleaning.

Get rid of dirt and grime with our high-pressure washing services! Say goodbye to unsightly oil stains, slippery moss, and algae on your concrete driveways, pathways, and patios. Our services include thorough cleaning of concrete, brick, pavers, timber, sandstone, and exterior tiles. Experience a safer environment with a clean and fresh look, all achieved through our proper use of pressure washing technology.

To achieve the best cleaning results on hard surfaces, a combination of pressurized water and chemicals is necessary. Water alone has limitations in cleaning and using chemicals minimizes the need for excessive water or high pressure that can cause damage to some substrates. Using biodegradable chemicals is recommended whenever possible.

The key to effective high-pressure cleaning is to thoroughly eliminate algae, mold, and mildew down to the roots, ensuring a longer-lasting clean. Simply using high pressure to remove the surface layer can leave behind fragments that can quickly re-grow.

It is important to note that different surfaces require different cleaning methods and it’s necessary to understand both the material composition and its state of deterioration. Hiring a professional pressure cleaner who can identify all stains and contaminants and understands the surface’s characteristics is a wise choice.

Surface Master employs a specialized 3-step cleaning process to restore your hard surfaces to their original condition.

Step 1: A customized biodegradable cleaning solution is applied to loosen the bond between the surface and mold, mildew, moss, etc. Step 2: For effective results, the solution requires agitation, so we manually scrub the surface, breaking the bond between the surface and contaminants. Step 3: The final step is a high-pressure clean to ensure the most thorough and comprehensive clean possible.

High Pressure Floor Cleaning

Oil & Grease Removal

Oil and grease should be promptly addressed as it is the most likely material to cause permanent staining or damage that cannot be cleaned away. If an unsealed concrete, paver, or tiled surface is exposed to oil or grease, it may result in a lasting stain unless action is taken quickly. While several products can remove stains, many of them contain hazardous ingredients. It’s recommended to use an eco-friendly solution whenever possible.

Effective high-pressure cleaning of hard surfaces requires the use of commercial-grade equipment and detergents. Our high-pressure epoxy floor cleaning services in palm beach are capable of removing dirt, mold, grease, moss, mildew, and harmful pollutants.