Surface Master

Stone Cleaning

Surface Master® utilizes a combination of advanced technology and safe chemical methods to deeply clean and sanitize all types of stone surfaces. Their effective processes effectively remove unsightly marks and restore the appearance of your floors to their optimal state.

Surface Master ® is the top provider of premium floor care services. Our highly skilled technicians utilize the most advanced technology available to thoroughly clean and eliminate all forms of dirt and bacteria.

Surface Master ® is a top-notch premium floor care company. Our technicians are well-versed in the unique characteristics and needs of each type of natural stone, including their level of density and porosity. This allows us to provide the best possible care for your valuable surfaces, whether they are made of marble, bluestone, granite, or any other type of stone. Our technicians have the expertise to determine the best maintenance techniques for each variety, ensuring that your surfaces are properly cared for and maintained.

Stone Cleaning

If your tile surfaces are looking lackluster and stained, or if the old sealant is wearing off, Surface Master ® can revitalize them to their former glory. Our team of experts will use their expertise and the latest equipment to thoroughly clean and protect your surfaces, bringing back their natural brightness and ensuring long-lasting results. You can trust that your tiles will stay in pristine condition for many years to come with our professional protection and maintenance services.

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Utilizing advanced technology, our specialized cleaning process can effectively address even the most stubborn of stains. Our technicians at Surface Master ® assess the type of stains, determine the cause, and select the appropriate chemicals and poultice materials to eliminate them. After cleaning the stone surface, a premium penetrating sealer can be applied to further protect it from water and oil-based contaminants. This premium sealer penetrates deeply into the stone’s pores, forming an invisible barrier to safeguard its appearance.

Surface Master ® technicians utilize the latest advanced equipment and techniques to restore and polish your floors, providing a superior outcome compared to generic commercial cleaning products. Our expertise and state-of-the-art machines ensure that your valuable surfaces look their best, with minimal damage and staining. Trust Surface Master ® to give your floors the ultimate professional finish.

Reworded: At Surface Master ®, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your floor care needs, from cleaning and sealing your daily-use tiles to regrouting any type of surface. Our clients range from small homes to large shopping centers, as well as hotels, hospitals, bars, medical centers, offices, and other businesses who trust us for their limestone tile cleaning needs. We stand out from the competition with our thorough and professional processes and use of cutting-edge equipment. Our unique wash, scrub, and dry technology, combined with the use of high-quality equipment, ensures excellent results while being environmentally friendly with reduced water, power, and chemical usage.

Regular wear and tear results in dirt and grime accumulation in the pores of natural stone surfaces. Ordinary cleaning products and mopping methods cannot reach the deep-seated soil. Surface Master ® technicians use advanced high pressure and rotary scrubbing techniques to thoroughly clean and restore the stone to its optimal condition.